Phase Four

Roux Phase # 4

Phase 4 was probably the shortest incarnation of Roux yet. With the Lizards talent, we were definitely hot… but we weren’t burnin yet. More on that in phase 5. Earlier that is, if you’re following this history through as it’s presented, from present to past! We are still good friends with Liz, and his departure was a necessity to keep up with his very busy life. We miss him and wish him the best of luck!

Here’s some highlights from that period…

What do you get when you mix 4 hours of Thick Rock & Roll, A great crowd and a few drinks?

A bunch of dorks, that’s what!

The Lizard displays his little lizard!!

A band couldn’t possibly ask for a better crowd than this!

Lizard and our good friend Mark P. chat after a show.