Important People

We wouldn’t have gotten to where we are if it weren’t for these people..

“The Mighty Muckuluck”
Also refered to as Scotty Mac. Third Roux soundman and one of the greatest guys on the planet. There isn’t a person involved in Roux whose heart is more in it!

Mark P. First soundman and still a great help to the band. We met Mark in Perrinton when Ting (who really sucked at it) was running sound from the stage.

“Sheila”, Ting’s little sister.
She’s always been an avid supporter of the band and to this day she still hauls a bunch of people out to see us in her van as the designated driver.
Sheila is pictured here trying to get a 3rd erection from her husband, Little Willy!

Lou at her 29th (?) birthday dinner at Ting’s house.
Lou is responsible for introducing Jack Secret to the band, which has ultimately led us to continue now for almost 14 33 years.
Linda Lou, Where in the hell are you?