Phase Three

Roux Phase # 3

Phase 3 just ended. We didn’t know a change was coming, but it did. Phase 3 contained the lineup of Dr. Dave, Jamicee, Joe E. Boy, Jack Secret and Ting. Phase 3 also lasted better than 4 years!

Dr. Dave spots a little puke on the dance floor?

Joe E. Boy sings-a-ditty for the masses!

Jack Secret has a hair out of place,
while Dr. Dave is still mesmerized by that spewtem?

A relatively new Roux Special Effect!
Jack Secret is transported onto the stage for a Bass solo! (Way to go Scotty!)

Dr. Dave says, “See this guitar? It will Hurt You!”

Paul McCartney and George Harrison perform live once again!

Probably Dr. Dave let one rip! Stinky Bastard!

Dr. Dave pounds the skin!

Try doing this after you’ve had a few!

Joe E. Boy, Ting and Jack Secret coming home from Toronto!