Phase One

Roux Phase # 1

Oddly enough, Roux Phase 1 already didn’t contain the original lineup. More about that earlier! This version of Roux had the following members…Dr. Dave, J.R. Lopez, Jamicee, Joe E. Boy and Ting. We would play with this particular lineup for approximately 6 months.

Man, it was exciting to see our name out there on the road sign for the first time.

The letters that spell out R-O-U-X from that sign still hang in Dr. Dave’s basement to this day!

Left to right, Dr. Dave, J.R. Lopez, Jamicee, Joe E. Boy (not seen) and Ting.

This shot taken at the no longer standing (rathole) Bobby G’s in Mason, Mi.

Dr. Dave, can you help? I think I pinched a neck nerve!

It looks fancy, but it’s not!

Ting pulls a lead vocal.
You don’t see this too often. (hopefully more in the near future!)

Ain’t anything more pleasing to the ear than “The Voice”!

Even now, Joe E. Boy doesn’t look 21!

Hey, That guy’s got some kind of weird splotches on his crotch!

We slid into Phase 2 without hardly even batting an eye.