Phase Two

Roux Phase # 2

The really wierd thing is that Roux Phase 2 is really the original lineup. The players consisted of (l to r) Ting, Kevin K. Joe E. Boy, Jamicee Talado, and Dr. Dave. Kevin was the original bassist but left the band just before we started getting “paid to play.” J. R. was found and played bass throughout Phase 1 until he was issued his walking papers. Kevin was asked to rejoin (which he did) and Roux Phase 2 lasted better than 4 years.

From the first set of “Promo Pics”

Who needs wives, when you can have women like these?

From “Promo Pics” second set. Taken in a cool garden in Rio.

I think this shot was taken at the “Rainbow Inn” in Perrinton, Mi.

Also from “Promo Pics 2.” Notice how Ting has discovered a way to hide his double chins!

Kevin K., Boy could he Play!

Another shot from “Promo Pics 2.”

One of my fondest memories from this time period. Kevin K. lays his bass down on the stage floor in mid-song and continues to play without a hitch!

Yet another shot from “Promo Pics 2.” This one shows a little of the standard Roux humor…Check out Dr. Dave’s crooked lenses.

Ting and Kevin kill ’em with the jams!
Roux Phase 2 was the most intense of all of the phases to date. We played everywhere we could, all the time. From the mud and the rain of nasty outdoor gigs, as well as some great outdoor gigs, to live on the radio and bars, bars, bars. Jamicee was the first to break from the strain, and she quit the band. It was just too much. Kevin left too. Joe E. Boy, Ting and Dr. Dave asked Jack Secret, who was at that time the 2nd Roux Soundman, to Play bass. He agreed and for awhile they attempted to replace “The Voice”. Many people were tried, but none could cut the mustard. Jamicee returned, and we agreed that we would no longer kill ourselves with relentless gigs, and only play every 4 to 6 weeks. This has been the case ever since, and so began Phase 3.