Phase Six

Roux Phase # 6

No, Boog was really not drummer #246.
Some people might get the impression that we’re hard to get
along with, considering how many drummers we’ve had.
But that’s really not the case. Boog didn’t want to leave.
Same as with Marvin, he had to leave due to mandatory
shift changes at work. We have to say that Jim was extremely
helpful at finishing up as much of our obligations as he possibly
could. We are forever in his debt, and were fortunate to be
blessed with a true talent such as his!
*** All Phase 6 photos taken by the Official Roux Photographer: Wade Elton – Thanks Wade!


Wonderfully talented drummer, beautiful kit.
Say hello to Jim – A.K.A “The Boog”.

LEFT FOOT…You put your left foot in,
You put your left foot out…
Dr. Dave & Jamicee do the Hokey Pokey!

A 1973 Fender Stratocaster,
Ting’s first real guitar!

Jack Secret – Owner of the worlds only ‘Ouija’ Bass
It looks like he’s receiving a message….


Doesn’t Jim look like a young Jack Nicholson
in this shot?

Het Ting, come stand on this table whilst you
play, It’ll be safe, we’ll hold it!
Yeah, right!
(It was pretty damn scary and we’ll not
be doing that again anytime soon…)

Look, there’s a snake on the ceiling!

Jack and Jamicee – Always awesome vocals.

Doesn’t this picture make you have to go?

Sing it, Dave!

Just close your eyes and feel the power….

“Captain, There be whale here!”
– (Scotty from Star Trek IV)

Wow! You can see everybody!
including CUZ Phil & Abby

To think, Jack’s first role with Roux
was as assistant sound man.
He’s sure come a long way!

Boy the stage lighting looks way more cool
whenever there’s not a flash used.

Larry, Curly and Moe, in that order.

The only instrument Dr. Dave’s not
capable of playing is the Juice Harp?